Working Towards Progress

Presenting an insider’s view of Amartex Industries Limited, a moral-based organisation with the vision of a leader, an innovator and a futurist

The visionary leader, Arun Grover (CMD, Amartex Industries) had set up a manufacturing unit by the name of Amartex with a vision to explore new heights and needless to say, he is surpassing benchmarks with each passing day.

His three assets,  Varun Grover (Executive Director), Karan Grover (Director Operations) and Shivam Grover (Director of Finance) have put their every inch towards making his dream into a realistic entity.

In an exclusive interview with the trio, we explore more about this brand’s spurring success story.

What was the vision of Amartex Industries Limited at the very onset? What is the present-day scenario like?

Amartex Industries Limited was formed with much passion and focus. Every day is a new light; facing the everyday challenges and meeting with new opportunities is how we grow here at Amartex. We are strengthened by the culture of ethics and integrity. We have become stronger and seek to become perfectionist every day.

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