“When I wear turban, I feel like a king!”

Harpreet Singh, CEO, Compaq International (P) Limited sheds light on Sikhism, success, and lots more!

What started with a passion for entrepreneurship eventually led Harpreet Singh to lay the foundation stone of Compaq International (P) and ever since then, there has been no turning back. He is presently spearheading the organization’s operations in India and Canada which are no less than delivering excellence!

A graduate in Technology, Singh is efficiently cascading his vision and strategy at building strong teams and an effective organization capacity in a global setting. Here’s more about his trailblazing journey!

Humble Beginnings

Hailing his roots from a non-descript town in Haryana, Harpreet always ensures that he always stays connected to his roots and gives back to the society.

“I have a strong sense of my Indian roots spread to Haryana and Punjab, and I am proud to be born there,” shared Singh.

The ‘Seeker of Truth’

When asked about the reason that makes him proud of being a part of the Sikh community, Singh firmly shared, “The word “Sikh” means “Seeker of Truth”. Sikhism stands for the equality of women and men and denounces any discrimination about gender, race, caste, creed, religion, or colour. I believe that we are the most adjusting community with every sphere of life. We always stand behind anybody with helping hands.”

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