Love for Humanity

With a heart of gold and a vision for the growth overall growth and development, Servdeep Singh, Managing Director, Electromech Engineers Pvt Ltd provides an insider’s view of his professional and personal trail

Ever since childhood, Servdeep Singh had the businessman blood running in his veins which motivated him to take the plunge and venture into entrepreneurship, and ever since then, there has been no turning back.

Singh completed his professional degree in Engineering and pursued his family business which was established in 1984 by his grandfather who hails his roots from Lyallpur, Punjab (now in Pakistan).

After partition, my grandfather came to Amritsar and it was at the mere age of 13 years, when he started working in some small-scale factory as we lost everything due to the partition. My grandmother, who is also from Lyallpur got married to my grandfather in Amritsar and they both decided to get settled in the capital city, New Delhi,” shared Singh who is now efficiently spearheading their family business, Electromech Engineers Pvt Ltd.

Admiration for Sikhism

Singh holds immense respect and admiration for Sikhism and while highlighting the same he stated, “I am a proud Sikh and what admires me the most in the Sikh community is that they live life with integrity and fight for everyone’s rights. Our tradition of ‘Langar’ for everyone – without any discrimination, stands testament to the essence of Sikhism which is to treat humanity as one.

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