Creating History

The Founder and current Chairman of Sikhs PAC (Sikh’s Political Action Committee) and Sikhs MEDIA, Gurinder Singh Khalsa is a staunch supporter of giving back to his community

A successful entrepreneur, philanthropist and a vocal leader of the Sikh community of Indiana, Midwest and across America, Gurinder Singh Khalsa is a trailblazing Sikh who hails his roots from India.  

He moved to the United  States  in  1996  after writing   four   research   papers,  which   were   presented   in   the   conference   of   the   US Department of Interior on geopolitics and environmental policy. Ever since then, he has been creating ripples of change in the society.

Humble Beginnings

Singh   Khalsa   holds   a   bachelor’s   degree   in   Economics   and   Geography   from   the University of Punjab, India. He also completed an Advanced Business Finance Program from the University of California, Berkeley in 1998.

His first foray into politics followed shortly after the tragic events of September 11, 2001, when  he  organized  a  series  of  meetings  with  lawmakers  in  California  to  address  the issue of misguided sectarian violence and hate crime against the Sikh community across America.

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