“Whatever happens, happens for a reason!”

Make-up artist, Joban Sandhu reveals the highs and lows of her insightful journey in a heart-to-heart tête-à-tête

Hailing her roots from a non-descript town in Punjab, Joban Sandhu took the road less travelled at a very young age and laid the foundation stone of  Kohl eyes by Jo, one of the most-reputed make-up studios in the region. She surpassed insurmountable challenges with a smile on her face and as destiny would have it, Sandhu carved her own niche in the make-up industry. So, we speak to her to get an insider’s view in her exciting journey.

What motivated you to take the plunge to become an MAKE-UP ARTIST? What are some highlights of your incredible career?

Well, as they say, whatever happens, happens for a reason. I had my education in textile design and was in cue to join my family’s fashion design business, which is now being run by my mother and sister. But I never got that strong pull to be a part and add value to it. Make-up  was a hobby turned a passion, and which thankfully went onto become such a blessing for me professionally. So I believe the best motivation is always your passion and eventually your vision, and then the journey of accomplishments which becomes fuel to your passion to achieve that vision. From my first make-up  in 2016 and for every make-up  since then, it has been learning by working on a new face every day, and this desire to do better each time is something that drives me and motivates me. That smile and the bling in the eye of all those beautiful girls after I finish dolling them up, that’s what fuels my desire to keep doing better each day.

I’m sure a good career is highlighted by awards and recognitions, but for me, every beautiful bride who goes to her wedding with confidence in abundance is the best recognition and award for my work. And touchwood, those awards have been in plenty.

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