Letting the Creative Juices Flow

Manat Garewal CEO & Creative Head, The Design Co. talks to us about fashion, latest trends, her inspiration, and lots more!

Manat Garewal, a force to reckon with aesthetic fashion sense and perseverance turned her dream of venturing in the fashion industry into a reality by laying the foundation stone of The Design Co earlier last year and ever since then, there has been no turning back. A graduate in Fine Arts from Government College of Arts, Chandigarh, Manat holds her expertise in creativity and designing. So, we speak to her about what motivated her to take the plunge, her source of inspiration and lots more. 

Take us through your professional journey. Is this something that you always wanted to do?

During this short period of time, I had an excellent exposure in respect to design, teamwork, analyzing client’s liking and choice. This gave me a fair idea that the direction I am heading towards is right and I want something just like this!

What motivated you to take the plunge to become a designer? What are some highlights of your trailblazing journey?

Creativity in designing was always inborn in me since childhood but it kick started with the help of a very experienced designer in the field, Mr Rajesh Gandhi. It was at this time that I got into the groove and started my love and passion for innovative designing.

Tell us about your signature design?

My signature design is hand embroidery which is a combination of well co-ordinated colours and textures which are pleasing to the eye.

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