Three Months before the Big Day!

For all the to-be brides out there, presenting an effective and easy to follow fitness plan by Dr. Nalini, Clinical Dietitian Herbal Consultant

The months leading up to your wedding can be chaotic, happy, sad and full of every extreme emotion possible. While this is the happiest time of your life and your face should show the same, your health is deeply affected by the diet and fitness choices that you start making once the wedding is announced. So, here is an easy diet and yoga plan that you can follow to fit in your wedding ensemble smoothly!

•             Morning: 1 Glass glow juice – Blend a handful of mint and celery with 1gls of water, add lemon and pepper for taste.

•             Breakfast: Greek yoghurt with fruits / poached eggs and multi-grain bread/sprouts or chickpea salad with curd.

•             Mid-noon Snack: Seasonal fruit with moringa water/coconut water.

•             Lunch: Dal, sabzi with multigrain roti / cabbage rice with veggies/couscous quinoa porridge.

•             Evening Snack: Boiled egg or roasted fox nuts with pumpkin sunflower seeds.

•             Dinner: Sautéed vegetables with or without paneer or chicken / fish with a small helping of steamed rice/barley porridge.

•             Night – chamomile tea

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