Welcome 2020!

It is time to beckon New Year’s Eve with open arms at these select-destinations from across the globe

  1. New York City, New York
    Not to Miss: A New Year ritual, every year on the New Year’s Eve, millions of people gather together in the much-coveted Times Square to see an array of renowned musicians and the ball drop. In this, a ball weighing nearly 12,000 pounds that is 12-foot-wide is descended from the top of the One Times Square; making it one of the most projecting attractions on the New Year’s Eve. So, book a reservation in one of the cool bars or a lively restaurant overlooking the Times Square and enjoy the local delectable delicacies. Taking a night boat ride on the New York Harbour to catch a glimpse of the midnight fireworks display near the Statue of Liberty Island is another blessing in disguise that New York City has in store.
  2. Edinburgh, Scotland
    Not to Miss: In Edinburg, festivities start on 30th December where thousands of revelers carry torches while marching from the Parliament Square to Calton Hill while the skies are set ablaze with fireworks. On the eve, more revelers take to the street and sing ‘Auld Lang Syne’. A lot of live music concerts, ceilidhs and theatre shows are organized during this time.
  3. Paris, France
    Not to Miss: What could be even more romantic than watching the incredible fireworks and the light show display at the most iconic landmark of Paris, the Eiffel tower? Partying at the Champs-Elysées and Montmartre’s Sacre Coeur plaza is sure to light up your New Year’s Eve like never before. Another must to-do thing is taking up one of those New Year’s Eve boat cruises alongside the river Seine for an enchanting experience.
  4. Bratislava, Slovakia
    Not to Miss: The archaic Old Town of Bratislava hosts more than 10,000 people for open-air dance parties, fireworks show and concerts over the River Danube. Naturally, when all the fun and frolic is happening in and around the Old Town, why go elsewhere?
    Attend a performance by some of the best local bands and dance groups performing in the areas near the River Danube. The celebration usually lasts all night long, and for those who wish to party and socialize, the Old Town there is divided into “party zones” and “concert zone”. Now that’s a win-win situation!
  5. New Orleans, Louisiana
    Not to Miss: Head to the Mississippi River to be a part of the kaleidoscope of colors cascading over the river. This show lasts for 15 minutes and is a highlight of the New Year’s festivities that you will not find in any other corner of the world. Parties in the Big Easy continue till dawn with live music across the clubs and bars of the French Quarter. So, dance your heart out in one of the clubs and enjoy the moment like never before. Happy New Year!

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