‘We fell in love at first sight’

Their love for their family and the string bond that they share, make them an ideal couple who doesn’t believe in mixing their professional and personal lives. Deepak Kaushik, Vice President, Dada, Motors talks to Urban Melange about the love that he has for his wife, Pooja Kaushik, Founder, GoGO Pogo Art.

How do you balance your professional and personal lives?

We never mix our professional life with our personal life. Whatever happens in the office remains in the office once we come back home, we make sure not to bring any official matter at home. Our family always motivates us to grow at each stage of our professional career as they are our biggest strength & inspiration and the main backbone of our success stories in life. Somehow, we adopt the hobby of taking individual care of each other’s personal belongings carefully and up to date on daily basis. So, by the grace of GOD, we enjoy our both professional & personal life very much with full of positive motivation every day.

How did life change for you post getting married?

We were on cloud-9 for the first 2-3 weeks after we got married but suddenly everything changed when my father got paralyzed and the entire fun melodies ended with the funeral as we lost our father unfortunately so early in life. Everything changed suddenly in our life. It was quite a difficult time for all of us to move ahead emotionally in life. Socially we got a lot of pressure as a newly wedded couple but somehow it took us a long time to cope-up with the loss, but we managed to keep everyone together in the family and motivated them to move ahead in life. After nine months of our marriage, our father came back in our lives in the form of our elder son, and finally we got some purpose in our life. After seven years our daughter was born which was practically the 2nd stage of our life to reconnect everyone together. Over these 14 years, our bond became so genuinely strong as now, we even understand the language of each other’s eyes.

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