‘Maintaining work-life balance is a challenge’

Their brand’s focus is on offering purity to their customers in all their products. Their relation is also formed on purity and positive communication. Aditi and Deepal Aggarwal are the backbone of Pancham Jewellers from Rajpura, Punjab. In conversation with Urban Melange, they share their story and how they fell in love at first sight.

What was the vision and your goal when you started with your brand?

Our goal is to make our high-end products & services accessible to diamond lovers across the country. With our manufacturing unit in Punjab (Rajpura) Pancham Jewellers. We want the whole country to know about the products that we are offering with great style and best in quality.

You both work together. How do you maintain the work-life balance?

We often think about our work-life balance as the trade -off between time spent at work and time spent on other, non-work activities. We plan ahead to combine our work activities with leisure, social and fitness activities.

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