Making the world comfortably stylish

They complement each other perfectly and bring out the best of each other to the table. This is the reason why they are partners in business and life. Prakruti Gupta and Navin Rao started with their brand, The Kaftan Company to bring a stylish way to dressing comfortably. In conversation with Urban Melange, Navin Rao, Co-Founder of the brand shares his story.

How did you two meet? What is your story?

Prakruti and I met in Canada shortly after respectively graduating from University and had just begun our careers. Initially, we were friends, and later this grew to being more about affection for one another.

Why did you decide to start The Kaftan Company? What was your vision behind the brand?

The Kaftan Company, founded in 2016, is India’s leading brand for kaftans. The idea behind the company was to create a unique product category that is comfortable, high-quality, and stylish. Kaftans have always been a favourite of royals and celebrities for a long time, given how graceful, comfortable and stylish they are. When my wife and co-founder Prakruti was undergoing cancer treatment, her oncologist always asked her to wear loose clothes. However, the lack of such options and the ease that kaftans offered prompted her to create a brand dedicated solely to this garment. This is how The Kaftan Company started its journey. I took care of manufacturing, and Prakruti continued growing the brand.

At The Kaftan Company, we have created a diverse range of loungewear, sleepwear, and kaftans for every occasion. We have also recently launched a range of loungewear for men’s and kids’ kaftans. Our USPs include the commitment to sustainability and the fact that we have managed to give a contemporary feel to the iconic kaftans. We produce digitally printed kaftans that save water, dyes, electricity, and fuel. The Kaftan Company is an almost zero-waste fashion brand with ethical production practices and uses natural fabrics.

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