Customer’s point of view is always supreme

The beauty industry is very vast in India and is growing at a high speed with every passing day. HairMasters is one such brand which has climbed up the ladder with its dedication to quality, customer satisfaction and the overall experience. Mohd Nadeem, Partner of HairMasters, Jalandhar talks to Urban Melange about what he things about this growing industry and what is the USP of HairMasters.

Why did you choose the salon industry? Tell us about your background.

This industry gives you an opportunity to meet different people every day. Beauty industry gives an individual an option to interact with a variety of people on daily basis. Whether they are high-profile clients or belong to the middle class; everyone wants to groom themselves and visit the salon as per their requirements. There is no doubt in the fact that the beauty industry is the fastest growing and the most popular profession among today’s youth. Whether you go to a shopping mall, a crowded market, or even on any local street, you can find so many salons and parlors with good footfall. Clearly, it indicates that beauty industry has a good career possibility to earn and to grow.

Why HAIR Masters? What is so unique about the brand?

The Hair Masters Group – VISION: We see an organization which aims at leadership in the salon industry by understanding its clients; and designing and delivering products and services which enable it to exceed their expectations. We will always demonstrate care for our customers through anticipation of their needs, attention to detail, distinctive excellence, warmth and concern.

It is a lean and responsive organization where decision making is encouraged at each level, and which accepts change. An organization that is committed and responsive to its guests and other stakeholders. They have a multi-skilled workforce, which consists of team players who have pride of ownership in translating the organization’s vision into reality.

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