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With an aim to solve the global issue for women, Mildcares offers GynoCup along with other menstrual, intimate and toilet hygiene products for women. Founded by Sandeep and Rachna Vyas, who are married happily and working together to spread their brand around the world. In conversation with Urban Melange, they talk about their personal and professional journey.

Tell us about GynoCup, whose idea, was it? What was your vision behind the brand?

Sandeep: The story of GynoCup was being written from the day we believed that no woman in any corner of the world should feel regret regarding her womanhood just because of the pain she bears every month. As a couple, we understood the need for it and how important this issue was. The idea was certainly Rachna’s and together we strategized working on it.

How did both of you meet, what’s your story?

Rachna: Cutting long story short, I was searching for a job when my friend gave me Sandeep’s reference that’s how we got to know each other and after a few meetings we started dating. Despite resistance from his family for our marriage, we stuck to each other and overcame it all and after 2 years of being with each other we got married and today it has been 8 years we are married happily and also now work together happily spearheading the story of Gynocup.

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