The Power couple in Fashion

Pankaj and Khushboo have a strong background in the fashion industry and bring their own strengths to the table when it comes to running their brand, ‘Khushboo & Pankaj’. In conversation with Urban Melange, they talk about how being a couple helps them in being better partners in business.

How did you two meet? What is your story?

Khushboo: We were in the same school and Pankaj was four years senior to me. It all started in January 2013. We knew each other since school but became friends through Facebook in 2013. We had many common friends and that’s how it all started. We started dating each other. We dated for 7years and then decided to get married in November 2019. Since then, it has been a really great journey.

Why did you decide to start a women’s wear brand? What was your vision behind the brand?

Pankaj: We come from a very strong fashion background. I am master’s in management & celebrity fashion stylist whereas Khushboo is NIFT alumni with masters in fashion brand marketing from Edexcel university UK. With such a strong fashion background and foundation of trust & hard work, we both decided to launch the label in 2016. Since the womenswear segment is a very huge market, therefore, we decided to enter into it with our skills and niche taste. 

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