‘We admire each other’s work ethics’

They have known each other since a long time and after being in a relationship decided to work together as well. Ana Santos and Bally Singh are the names behind The Rich List Group which hosts exclusive events for the elite members of the society. In conversation with Urban Melange, they talk about their changing priorities and how they complement each other at work.

How did you two meet and decide to get married?

After being friends for a number of years, Ana and I became close in 2015. After sharing many adventures and wonderful times together we celebrated our marriage on June 16th, 2018. Our wedding ceremony was held beside the beach in the south of Spain. We were joined by our closest friends and family.

Pros and Cons of working with your partner?

Ana and I have a very close working relationship and I cannot see my life or business world without her. It is true that sometimes work can override our downtime because essentially what we do with our work is our life.

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