‘Building trade bridges between India and Australia’

They have been helping youngsters and entrepreneurs since last 15 years in Australia and have worked hard in connecting ties between India and Australia. Jagvinder Singh Virk, Chairman, India Australia Strategic Alliance along with Dr Rattan Deep Kaur, Co-Chair of the alliance in conversation with Urban Melange, share their journey from India to Australia and everything in between.

How has your journey been till now? Why did you decide to move to Australia?

Me & my wife, both of us were doctors in India when we migrated to Australia in the year 2006. My wife Dr Rattandeep went to Australia for Masters in University of Sydney. We decided to live there for a few years and then we got permanent residency and planned to stay here.

What has your vision been when it comes to connecting India and Australia?

From the year 2009 to 2014, we wanted to connect India and Australia. China was very dominant during that time. it was a little challenging in the beginning, but we worked hard to carve our path. This is the time when we started with IASA in the year 2012 with this vision of making the connection of these two countries stronger.

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