Uplifting confidence with Dermatology

With an ambition to serve the society, Dr. Harkanwal Sekhon took the journey of being a dermatologist. She believes that lending an ear to the patients, and showing empathy eases the treatment process.

  • Tell us something about your journey as a Dermatologist?

I always wanted to be a doctor to serve the society. Barely did I know how much hard work it takes to be qualified enough to serve the society. But after all those hard years, I can simply say it was worth it. I did my graduation and MD in Dermatology from Sri Guru Ramdas institute of Medical Sciences and research Amritsar. I have been working here as a consultant dermatologist and now would be shifting to my hometown Ludhiana for future work.

  • What inspired you to specialize in Dermatology?

Skin is not only the largest organ but most visible organ of the body with vast spectrum of disorders affecting the patients. Anything pertaining to skin ailments grossly affects the appearance of the patient, as a dermatologist it makes one capable of uplifting their confidence.

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