My father – an inspiring doctor’

As she rightly puts, turning black and white images to meaning is what Dr. Japjit Kaur Grewal does every day. After seeing her father work for over three decades as a doctor, she was inspired to be one too. We talked to her about her journey and challenges in the field.

Q.1 Tell us something about your journey as a Radiologist?

This journey, much like of any other radiologist or specialist, involves several premier institutes that provided me an inimitable milieu under accomplished faculty with exemplary infrastructure. Most of my medical instruction was at MMIMSR, Mullana where I had the opportunity to learn from trailblazers in the field. I draw from my undergrad experiences every day, right from my first day in D- Hall to various cases during clinical posting, every memory is indispensable. I was fortunate enough to pursue my masters from the same institute under professors who always encouraged our growth. After that I joined MMCH in Solan to garner more patient experience, before heading back to Ludhiana where I worked at Mohandai Oswal cancer institute focusing my training on cancer diagnostics. I learned every day from everyone I came across, like I believe any other doctor does. Now I run my own diagnostic practice in Ludhiana.

Q.2 What inspired you to specialize in Radiology?

My father is a doctor, he has been treating patients for over 3 decades now. That is the environment I grew in, a sense of responsibility to serve the community. To top that the reverence my father received from his patients and their families ignited me to go through this arduous journey. It is that very flame that keeps me going every day, to be better and to serve more.

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