Pathology and Internal Medicine united together

Dr. Neeraj Singla (MD General Medicine) and his power partner Dr. MoniKa Bansal (MD pathology) are perfect examples of simplicity and large heartedness with a rock solid commitment to serving society for the past several years. They are perfect compliments of each other just as pathology is to general medicine. Dr Neeraj at present is a senior consultant at Indus Hospital Mohali and at Pulse Clinics & Diagnostics, Sector 70 Mohali, while Dr Monika is a consultant Pathologist and Medical Director at Pulse Clinics and Diagnostics, Mohali. The pandemic has seen their dedication, patience, courage and commitment to their profession and their family and friends in equal proportion.

The doctor duo, a couple who works day and night to treat their patients in the best possible way, where one is an expert in pathology, the other excels in internal medicine. Dr. Monika Bansal and Dr. Neeraj Singla takes us through their journey of accomplishments and challenges.

Tell us something about your journey as a pathologist and a specialist in internal medicine?

Dr. Monika: My journey as a Pathologist has been wonderful and full of satisfaction. This was always my dream and I live my dream every day. It was just like a dream come true.

Dr. Neeraj: The journey has been a roller coaster ride full of challenges, opportunities and hard work with no differentiation ever between day and night.

What inspired you to choose your specific specialization?

Dr. Monika: I always wanted a field where I could manage both, my professional as well as my personal life. That is why I chose pathology, because mostly we have our fixed working hours which helps me in managing my personal life also perfectly. There is a lot of scope of learning in pathology which particularly keeps me motivated.

Dr. Neeraj: Internal medicine is a branch where you can do full justice to your patients in every form. It was a dream and passion to treat holistically and with full dedication that inspired me to specialize in internal medicine.

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