Unlocking the secrets of travel – TravelBullz

TravelBullz is a brand that was started with a clear vision of being the champion of short-haul travel. In an interview with Urban Melange, KD Singh, Founder and President of the company talks about how luxury means different things to different people, and how experiential and luxury travel is merging for the discerning Indian traveler.

How did you start with TravelBullz? What was the inspiration behind it?

TravelBullz was founded on August 17, 2010, with a clear vision to become the champion of short haul travel. With the rise of short-haul travel in Asia and the Middle East, the company saw a significant opportunity to focus on travel destinations that were 3-5 hours away by flying distance. At the time, it was predicted that tech would play a critical role in the growth and consolidation of travel and hospitality companies, and the company made a strategic decision to prioritize this area. Furthermore, consumer behavior was also changing, with people opting for multiple short holiday breaks throughout the year rather than one long vacation every year or two. The growth of low-cost airlines was a significant contributor to this shift. 

What sets your travel company apart from other luxury travel companies?

TravelBullz doesn’t market itself as a luxury travel company, though we offer luxury accommodations, resorts, yachts and luxury experiences to clients for FIT, social celebrations, and high-end corporate events for HNIs. Our strength lies in our leadership team, comprising of the top 10 members who are the pillars of the company. Technology is our biggest advantage, which has helped us consolidate our position in the market. Our agent partners are like an extended family, and our relationships with the supply chain are enviable. Overall, TravelBullz is committed to delivering the best short-haul travel experiences in Asia and ME by leveraging technology, relationships, and our experienced team. 

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