Serving the NAWABI Experience

From the best of flavours to quality food and fresh ingredients, they have it all. The Nawabi is all about adding a taste of royalty in every dish they serve. In our conversation with Rav Inder Pal Singh, Owner, The Nawabi Farm and Nawabi Chicken, he talks about their commitment towards customer satisfaction and aunthentic flavours.

Tell us about the Nawabi, Nawabi food and cuisine.

India is a land of rich culture and traditions, and the cuisines of our nation are no exception to it. Our delicacies are savoured across countries and cultures. We behold a treasure of spices from Kashmir to Kerala and this is from where I have drawn the inspiration of the recipes for The Nawabi. The Nawabi cuisine offers an experience of the taste that the Nobles of our Nation were served with.

Nawabi cuisines are a taste of royalty. The Nawabi Chefs have been trained for the usage of right amount of wide variety of spices in making curries and marinating the dishes, so as to amplify the right combination of flavours that curate the traditional authentic dishes.

Nawabi’s vision has always been about providing healthy, fresh and best quality food. We are strictly against the new style of restro-cooking philosophy of using frozen foods or using preservatives for increasing the shelf-life of the products.

The Western Countries have now started adopting and advocating the concept of fresh food and benefits of spices, which however, has been an age-old practice of our Indian culture. The Nawabi is just doing our bit with an endeavour to continue this practice of ours for the years to come and provide the benefits to our esteemed customers.

Tell us the reason behind choosing the name “Nawabi”?

In Punjab, the one who desires for the best is often referred to as ‘Tere Shaukh ne Nawabi’. For those who desire the best in food is “The Nawabi” food-chain. We treat our customers as Nawabs and before ordering any dish we provide free tasting of curries to the customers at all our outlets.

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