Unlocking Skin and Hair Secrets with Dr. Disha

Unraveling the benefits of cutting-edge treatments Dr. Disha Soni Narang, specialist in skin and hair aesthetics in conversation with Nikita Agarwal shares valuable insights, debunking common skincare myths and providing expert tips for achieving optimal skin health and hair care.

Tell us about your journey and what inspired you to choose this field as your profession?

I’ve always aspired to work in the aesthetic field, and I feel incredibly fortunate to be pursuing my passion. Dr. Manjot Marwah has been a great inspiration, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to contribute to LHR Clinic. It’s an honour to assist individuals in achieving their desired flawless and beautiful faces, and I’m excited to carry on this mission.

What are the most common skin concerns that you come across commonly in your practice?

In my practice, the most frequently encountered skin concerns include pigmentation, acne, and aging. These issues often stem from a combination of factors such as sedentary lifestyles, high stress levels, and depression. Lack of awareness regarding the significance of sunscreen usage also contributes to the development of pigmentation problems.

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