From struggle to strength: empowering Moms’ Fitness

How did you decide to become a fitness coach?

In 2011, I became aware that my weight was negatively impacting my self-esteem and confidence. Despite numerous attempts, I kept failing until 2018. I tried various fad diets and lots of cardio, but the weight would always come back. This made me believe that losing weight was extremely challenging. However, years later the right guidance changed my perspective. I discovered that losing weight doesn’t have to be difficult, you can still enjoy a wide variety of foods. As I started strength training, my passion for fitness grew, and I witnessed the positive impact it had on my daily life. This realization led me to understand that other moms may also have the misconception that weight loss is challenging. That is when I decided to turn my passion into my profession so that I could help them overcome these misconceptions. Today, I am a fitness coach and mentor, making weight loss easier for moms by sharing my journey and supporting them along the way.

What inspired you to specialize in helping moms achieve their fitness goals?

The path I chose to become a fitness coach for moms was influenced by my personal journey of transformation as a mother. Through my own experiences, I understand the challenges, difficulties, and sacrifices that accompany the decision to undergo a transformation while fulfilling the responsibilities of motherhood. This firsthand knowledge of the pain points and difficulties faced by mothers gives me a unique perspective and empathy to support moms in their own transformations. I am driven by a genuine desire to guide and assist moms as they transform, drawing from the lessons I have learned and the obstacles I have overcome.

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