“True beauty is in the soul!”

Staying true to the belief that make-up is not ‘made-up’, make-up artist Simran Mahant is aesthetically adorning “human canvases” with her artistic acumen and proficient make-up skills

A true creative person at heart, Simran Mahant always had a penchant for art which made her a renowned patisserie chef for over a decade. However, with the passage of time, she decided to walk on the footsteps of the super woman of her life, her mother, Lily Sakhi who has been a front runner in the beauty industry since times immemorial.

My mom always wanted me to walk in her footsteps, and I always shirked away. Till this one fine day about five years ago, when I decided that I wanted to do more than dressing up cakes. That’s when I decided to dress up human canvases and initiate my journey as a make-up artist,” affirms Simran.

What fascinated you the most about the make-up industry that you decided to make a career out of it?

Have you ever noticed the smile and the spark in a  bride’s eyes, the look of astonishment on her face, when she dresses up and is happy of the outcome? It’s totally priceless. It is an emotion which goes beyond words. To be a part of such a cherished memory for the rest of their lives, and for someone to acknowledge that you were the medium and reason for the happiness is something that makes me feel really enchanted and blessed.

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