Prefixing Extra to the ‘Ordinary’

The visionary behind the success story of one of the best beauty salons in the region, Manpreet Arora sheds light on her journey

Born to a defence personnel, Manpreet Arora had an enthralling upbringing which sowed in her the seeds of a passion for art and ever since then, the expertise has only been accelerating with each passing day.

While reminiscing her childhood days, Arora shares, “We are 3 siblings including me and my 2 brothers. As a kid, I used to complain to my mother that why are we 2 boys and just 1 girl. My brothers would spend most of their time outside, playing with their friends and I used to seek for a girl who would play ‘Ghar Ghar’ with me. Not having any girl of my age around, diverted my attention from playing with dolls to reading and painting. Soon I developed a craze about make-up and hairstyling, and I started trying those looks on me and my younger brother which ignited my passion for make-up

A commerce graduate with 1-year professional diploma in Aesthetics, Arora worked in MNCs for five years and also in the government sector for half a decade, before taking the plunge and laying the foundation stone of Tresskin Beauty Salon in Mohali.

Walk us through your journey of converting your passion to profession?

My father is the biggest support in my life. He has taught me that investing time and resource in attaining any knowledge is the biggest investment of your life. So, when I decided to pursue a professional course in Aesthetics, he supported my decision and that was the day when my passion was converted into a profession.

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