The tale of Purity and Prudence

House of Veda is honest health and wellness brand that takes pride in bringing innovation through wisdom accumulated over a millennium. Their premium products are created using authentic, natural, and traditional ingredients and processes. In conversation with Urban Melange, Amrinder Singh, Director, House of Veda tells us about their sophisticated yet straightforward indulgence to uplift your living and build trust through supreme quality, care & tradition.

Q. What was your inspiration behind the brand, House of Veda?

Seeing the ill effects of all the harmful chemicals around us, we got our inspiration from Ayurveda and wanted to help people in eating better and cleaner. Ayurveda says, if the food you eat is grown in a polluted environment, it evades its rus (taste) and gandh (smell), sinking its medicinal properties. 

Q. How is your brand different from the rest in the market?

We at House of Veda use authentic, organically grown, and naturally processed ingredients without harmful chemicals and additives to curate our products. We want to bring a change in the eating habits of the people for the long term, which will eventually make them feel good at heart and soul. We are not looking for any shortcuts and encourage people in being patient and consistent to see a definite change in their bodies.

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