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A Towering Legacy

Discerning buyers of luxury real estate in the region often look up to the Homeland Group for standing up for their needs, now with two more projects in town.

Amolak Singh Grewal

It all started in 2013, with a dream to provide an uncompromised living experience to home buyers in the tricity region. “In hindsight, our own ambitions to provide the best probably backfired as we lost money on each apartment sold — we had much to learn with it being our first project,” states Umang Jindal, CEO. He is of course referring to Homeland Heights — a landmark in the luxury real estate segment in the greater tricity region. Known as the address for many film, television, and music stars, Homeland Heights transformed the residential real estate market by elevating it to previously unseen heights, although suffered huge losses in Homeland Heights.
Despite the errs of early enthusiasm, Homeland Heights became a brand with an unmatched pedigree, catapulting the Homeland Group as a market leader. The recipe for success comes down to one very simple philosophy as Umang explains, “We had a very clear idea since the start — deliver a good product. Customers will come to you if you’re giving them what they need.” Residential apartments faced a lot of challenges, the largest being acceptance as kothis in the tricity were misunderstood as a better alternative value-wise. But to overcome this challenge, Homeland Heights presented the region with a never-seen-before high rise concept in the form of luxurious housing that came loaded with state-of-the-art amenities and uncompromised innovation. This cemented its position as the first successful uber-luxury residential development in the region to sell out its inventory despite setting a benchmark in pricing that remains largely unchallenged even today.
Additionally, it is the judicious use of real estate that also ensures a successful run for the Homeland Group. Despite successfully delivering the first project in the year 2017, the company has steered clear from aggressive expansion — a widespread misstep that largely plagues the real estate industry as most developers attempt to run before even learning to walk. In his own words, Umang states, “We are not in the rat race. We are above it.” With niche products come discerning buyers, which translates into a tightrope to ensure perfection. Delivering perfection is not easy — it is time consuming, requires a sharp eye for detail, and is expensive. The principle to work on one project at a time ensures that the management and operations stay on track to deliver the promised product to the end-user. Furthermore, it avoids a misappropriation of funds as it becomes easy to track finances when they are meant for a singular purpose. The added benefit is a reputation that is spotless, adding weight to an already unmatched pedigree and brand value.
This of course, brings us to the next step for the Unity Group. Following a successful first project in 2017, the next project had to take things a notch higher to showcase that the brand could easily adapt to a versatile market. Thus came CP67 — envisioned as Punjab’s most prestigious commercial real estate development, featuring a total area of 1 million square feet! Divided into an exquisite retail space across three storeys, a variety of office spaces suitable for distinctive purposes, premium serviced suites, and a boutique hotel at one address. Throw in a wide range of state-of-the-art amenities and industry-leading innovations, and you have a success story once again.
But commercial real estate is mushrooming all over the region, which begs the question — is so much of it even required? Umang makes a strong case in favour of the agenda. Considering the lack of space in metropolitan cities like Gurugram and Bengaluru, various industries including IT solutions are looking for viable alternatives to setup shop in locations that are connected, convenient, and comfortable. He also stresses upon the importance of creating a meaningful product. “We are in Mohali, yet the leasing team at CP67 is receiving queries that are at par with some of the more prominent malls and commercial developments of the region. Some tenants are even paying more, because CP67 has that kind of value in Mohali,” he asserts.
The demand for commercial real estate is also fueled by the typically North Indian desire to build a passive household income by owning a showroom — an aspirational goal for many families in the region. With the added infusion of educational institutions like Amity University, Ashoka University, global IT leaders like Infosys and Quark, along with many other integral stakeholders, Mohali has become ground zero for a commercial real estate boom that seeks uncompromised elegance for the end-user.
With all its features and innovations, there is no doubt that CP67 has been lauded for what it is. The proof is of course that multiple tenants are already operating from within the premises. Since its launch it has been positively received, and now CP67 is near its handover and completion. This time, the industry leader has decided to venture back into the residential space as it announces its latest project — Homeland Regalia.

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