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Divine Soul Yoga

With an aim of providing holistic life-altering wellness solutions to the people, Dr. Deepak Mittal, Founder, Divine Soul Yoga has specially curated the program – Bliss Meditation, Divine Healing, Laughter Therapy and Yoga Asanas. These therapies guide people in becoming strong enough to handle the stress, face the challenges and emerge victorious in their everyday lives. In conversation with Urban Melange, Dr. Mittal tells us how he plans to create a world of love where all the beings live with warmth, peace, and harmony.

  • Tell us about Divine Soul Yoga, how did it begin?

Dr. Deepak Mittal has always had a philanthropic bent of mind, with a specific place in his heart for providing reasonable holistic life-altering wellness solutions to everyone who needed them. With that foremost thought, he founded the wellness retreat and research center called Divine Soul Yoga or DSY in 2019. He has spent years with great spiritual leaders of India to learn the ancient art of meditation and mastered it. He studied various spiritual books, spent lots of time in nature, and finally he arrived at a point where he feels that he is happy, content, and successful. He wants to share the same at his retreats at Hoshiarpur, Chandigarh, New Delhi and Amsterdam. Each center has teams of qualified trainers and therapists who work compassionately to assist people find peace and balance in their mind, body and soul.

  • What was your vision behind this wellness retreat?

The mission of DSY is to spread Dr. Mittal’s wisdom of these ancient sciences, which has proven itself in all the years of his long experience, with people who need it. Dr. Mittal is a self-made and highly successful businessman who has built an empire from scratch and is well aware of the challenges one faces on this path. According to him, if people inculcate the practical techniques and meditations taught at DSY in one’s daily habits, one can unlock the magic of happy living.

Helping people worldwide attain this sense of inner peace and eternal bliss is DSY’s vision.

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