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‘The Satluj way of Life’

With constant innovation and dedication towards imparting quality education, Reekrit Serai, Managing Director, Satluj Group of Schools (Haryana, Punjab, J & K and Himachal Pradesh) believes that teaching is a therapeutic process. In conversation with Nikita Agarwal, he talks about how kids should be prepared for the global stage and more focus should be given on developing skill sets, not mere degrees.

It started from a rented apartment, and now Satluj Group of Schools is in different states of Northern India, how have the goals of the brand evolved over the years?

The group has come a long way but after nearly 47 years after our flagship school ‘Satluj Public School’ was founded in Sector 36-D Chandigarh by our Late Founders and my Grandparents, the goal of the brand remains the same. Now, under the brand names of Satluj Public School, Satluj World School and Little Satluj Preschool, we aim to impart global education to students. The secondary aim is to ensure wholesome education for students so that they get a fair chance to compete with their counterparts globally and are well-equipped in all spheres of life, whether it is scientific temperament, knowledge-seeking or their internal moral compass.

What has been the biggest learning for you till now?

I joined around 12 years ago, and it has been a wonderful journey till now. Things have changed drastically since I have joined. Earlier a school with smart classes was a smart school but now the concept has moved much ahead of that. Lots of things have changed over the last years. The biggest learning for me is that dedication, continuity and consistency are very important in anything you do in life. Secondly, you need to innovate and come up with new ideas constantly. Thirdly, it is very important to have a strong moral compass for a leader. Every decision you are taking will affect the lives of many. In our case we have 1000+ staff and 30,000+ kids, so every decision we make is going to affect many students and people and their families. Lastly, it is essential to be grounded and not get egoistical after a point because that does tend to happen once you reach a certain stage in life. One should keep a balance in their professional and personal life.

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