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Commitment to excellence from head to toe

Hair Masters Luxury Salon

Sit back and relax and let all your worries take a backseat while you are at Hair Masters Luxury Salon. This is a brand that delivers quality and believes in providing a therapeutic experience amidst the Venetian ambience. Sahil Kapoor talks to Nikita Agarwal about his approach towards entrepreneurship and how he managed to conquer the industry which was already flooded with intense competition.

Your brand now has 50+ outlets, what was it like when you began?

Back in the year 2015, when we began, it was still an industry which was dominated mostly by female clients and so the services provided were also according to them. But over the years the ratio of male clients has increased and has become a part of everyone’s regular hygiene practices, irrespective of their gender. It is no more just a fashionable choice or a choice of the upper class. People now are more aware of the requirements of treatments for their skin and hair.

You are in an industry with immense competition, what is your take on the evolution of this industry in Indian market?

When we entered the market, the market was already flooded with a number of luxury salon brands. The competition was already intense, but we saw a gap in the quality of services being provided and we knew we could fill that gap in our own style. Entering into such an intense market with high stakes was one of the major challenges for us but we were ready to ace that. We started in August in the year 2015 and now we have 40+ salons in major cities around Punjab and northern parts of India. All our outlets are self-owned, and we make sure to deliver the best at each one of them.

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