‘A good leader always empowers his employees’

Tell us about Peel Financial. What was your vision behind it when you began?

Peel Financial is Canada’s largest independent equipment financing source with over 20+ years of experience. I came up with the idea of providing innovative and affordable financing solutions to businesses throughout Canada back in 2002. What started as a small one-man business from my bedroom has grown into 70+ people company with offices across Canada. We have our head office in Brampton, Ontario and regional offices in British Columbia and Manitoba. We have recently acquired another retail facility in Alberta and plan to expand throughout Canada and the US in the coming years and months.

At Peel Financial, we provide loans and leasing options for a wide range of businesses; from a laptop computer to a truck/trailer or a multi-million-dollar piece of equipment. If it generates revenue for your business, we can finance it! We have established relationships with over 30 lenders across Canada, which results in the lowest interest rates and highest approval ratio of all equipment leasing companies. Having worked in the Car Sales sector before starting Peel Financial my priority was to build trusted client relationships; understand their business needs; provide the best professional service in the market. Knowing the difficulty faced by many of my clients in securing the much-needed finance for buying business vehicles coupled with poor customer service, I felt there was a massive gap in the market. To bridge this gap, I ideated to bring multiple lenders across Canada under one roof to provide my customers with customized financing solutions for their growing businesses.