The Record-Breaking Astrologer

Dr Prem Kumar Sharma, an Indian celebrity astrologer, numerologist, Vaastu consultant, and author, has made an incredible record of being the only author of a ‘Daily Newspaper column appearing over the longest period’. This record has been entered in the Limca Book of Records, a platform that has recognized and documented various records and accomplishments held by illustrious Indians, globally, since 1990.

As a daily columnist in one of India’s most popular newspapers, the Hindustan Times, for over two decades, Dr Sharma has transformed the lives of millions of people who have reached out to him with appreciation and admiration, over the years. He has achieved this commendable feat by having more than 27,000 columns published for national and international media, in the field of astrology, since October 1999. Dr Sharma has addressed common issues that people face in their daily lives and guided them with ways to overcome obstacles.

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