Pushing Boundaries of Design & Innovation

Meet the architect who is pushing the boundaries of design and innovation. In conversation with Urban Melange, Ar. Mueen Haris talks about his brand Ds2 Architecture, how they differentiate themselves from other firms in the industry. They also talk about a project that they are particularly proud of.

How would you describe your personal brand as an architect?

Ds2 Architecture lies at the intersection of architecture, products and research. I constantly question the very fundamentals of design and user interaction with built spaces and develop methodologies that are frugal, efficient and sustainable. At the core of our design philosophy lie empathy and a deep sense of understanding, for the environment, the user and the people who build it.

We have always believed that the impact of the built space is not limited to the user – but also upon the people who create it – its cultural and symbolic context goes beyond the tangible realm.

Can you talk about a project that you are particularly proud of and why it stands out to you?

I would here like to talk about one of my personal favorite projects, Cafe Azure. Located in Bangalore, Café Azure encapsulates and contextualizes the very essence of the pristine and serene Greek island through its architectural and material vocabulary. The design approach was to create, curate and establish an experience that amalgamates cultures and holistically comes across as a space that is international in its visual language yet is grounded locally.

At the entrance, one is greeted by a subtle white brick wall and an Azzure-coloured double door with frosted glass inserts. Shades of blue and textures of cane and wood blend in together to seamlessly create a visual symphony that is at once quaint, debonair yet celebratory.

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