The Palette of Myriad Hues

An exquisite amalgamation of capturing with the lens and painting it in aesthetically, Mehtab Kaur is efficiently spearheading this first-of-its-kind piece of art

By: Bhavya Gaind 

When Mehtab Kaur began to see the world through the lens of her grandmother’s camera, she was struck by the plethora of possibilities of patterns and shapes to paint her surroundings and that’s what lead her to paint the monochrome pictures and ever since then, there has been no turning back.

Hailing her roots from India, Mehtab pursued her graduation in Art and Film Studies from the University of Kent in Canterbury, England. She loved painting ever since a tender age and the idea of combining painting and photography took shape during her days in high school when she got her first camera.

“One fine day, I was sitting with my grandmother flipping the pages through her photograph albums which were mostly black and white, which enticed me to explore the predominant possibility of painting the photographs with my palette of myriad hues,” shares Mehtab.

She further adds, “I first painted my grandmother’s photograph on a fine art paper and it turned out to be an exquisite piece of art. My family and especially my grandmother appreciated it a lot and that eventually motivated me to further pursue it with reverberated zeal and passion.”

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