Tale of Splendor

Ms. Varuna Anand, Founder & Designer, The Splendor of Kashmir provides us an insider’s view into her truly inspiring expedition

By: Bhavya Gaind

How has your journey been as a Textile Designer, so far? Have you undertaken any formal education in this sector?

I was a Commerce Student in school with a strong penchant for design, I did not see myself attracted to Fashion designing or designing clothes and outfits really but something about Textiles lured me. So with the support of my father, I opted to do a 3 years Diploma in Textile Designing from the New Delhi Polytechnique rather than a regular graduation degree, which I believed was a waste for me. This Diploma was recognized by the Board of Vocational Studies.

After my diploma I worked with Mr. Satya Paul designing sarees and then joined Roop Sarees, designing prints for their sarees. After which I started freelancing for various exporters who required designs for printing or embroidery for their products. It was only after a few years of gaining on the job knowledge, that I joined my family business as a designer, which was run by my father and brother, which was exports of home furnishings. We exported high-end home furnishings to the likes of House of Fraser in London, Printemps and Galleries Lafayette in Paris and Tommy Hilfiger and Laura Ashley in the USA.

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