The leader is the best team player

She believes that a leader is someone who keeps the team’s spirits high and helps them achieve their goals. Upgrading herself constantly throughout her journey, Moushumi Pal, Brand Strategist and Founder Woodpecker Media has worked with people from various industries.

From an education consultant to a brand strategist, how has your journey been till now?

My journey has been a roller coaster ride when it comes to the diverse industries I have worked with but what remains constant are two things; working with people and developing marketing communications. There is a great synergy between the two and as a strategist one needs to constantly upgrade self and educate others.

According to you, what is the secret behind developing a successful brand strategy?

For me it has always been brand positioning and the target audience. It begins with defining your goals based on the vision of the brand and understanding the needs of your customers. This in no time reflects on the ROI.

In an organization, how important is teamwork for the growth and success of a business?

It’s very important and it can happen only when we start with small goals and achieve them. It not only builds self-belief but also brings confidence to take risk for bigger goals. Every team member has their own strengths and by working together as a team, we can maximise that. Teamwork allows for smoother execution and faster results.

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