Give your home a makeover without breaking the bank

A common misconception about luxury interiors and giving spaces a makeover does not come with getting a furniture piece changed or spending a fancy amount of money on flooring or other finishes. It is mostly conveyed through interesting pieces of art or textures in soft furnishings that add character and an element of luxury to any space. A juxtaposition between the vintage and modern is becoming more desirable than ever. Adding interesting pieces of artwork, in a dull setting can lift up the space. Interesting play of textures and materials can bring about opulence and creativity in the space making it look vibrant.

Fabrics and furnishings that reflect silks, floral and vintage textures are increasingly trending and are also easily affordable and available in the market.  Soothing fabrics and pastels continue being in trend along with natural colour schemes that increase creativity and reflect optimism. Since Covid hit, the entire world’s way of living has shifted and there has been an even more desire to find the fun, joy of the past in our homes. Much like the precept old is gold; vintage prints and textiles belong to an era that is valued and is an asset especially in interiors. Established homes placing more importance on functional spaces with aesthetics, to spend times in for days at a stretch have caught more attention. From being just a place to return to after a long day at work, people now want their homes to serve as multiple spaces- office, study areas, recreational spaces etc.

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