The Eminent Edupreneur

A great exponent of creative capitalism, S. Satnam Singh Sandhu is a leader with a conscious who is constantly working towards bringing in reforms in education sector of India

Coming from a humble background of land tillers from Rasulpur village in Punjab, S. Satnam Singh Sandhu’s love for the land was deeply embedded in flesh and blood. Forced to cover a great distance daily for his initial school education, Satnam Sandhu completed his schooling with a lot of hard work and had to migrate to the city for his higher education. He had limited access to formal education but that didn’t deter him from challenging the frontiers of impossibility.

Not surprisingly for Sandhu, turning adversity into an opportunity came naturally. He demonstrated a go-getter attitude willing to take up the leadership role. He encouraged other school children to volunteer for making the school premise functional without waiting for any official help.

S. Satnam Singh Sandhu is presently serving as the Chancellor of Asia’s Fastest Growing University, Chandigarh University (Awarded by International Rating Agency, WCRC) and Founder Chairman of Chandigarh Group of Colleges. Here’s an exclusive interview with him!

What do you love the most about being a part of the Sikh community?

Sikhism is a monotheistic religion that stresses the importance of doing good actions rather than merely carrying out rituals. Founded by Guru Nanak around 500 years ago, Sikhism stresses the equality of all men and women, and believes that the way to lead a good life is to keep God in heart and mind at all times, live honestly and work hard, treat everyone equally, be generous to the less fortunate and serve others.

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