The Bold & Visionary Entrepreneur

British entrepreneur, Reuben Singh has often made headlines for his spurring success story and acts of philanthropy. Here’s more about the story of his life!

The man behind the spurring success story of Isher Capital, allday PA, and the CallCentre Group, Reuben Singh has carved a niche with his strong business acumen and an unflinching intent to give back to the society.

A true Punjab at heart, Reuben took the social media by storm earlier in 2018 while accepting the Rolls Royce Turban challenge, which he took on for charity. In an exclusive interview, we talk to him about his roots in Punjab, his professional journey and lots more!

Provide us an insider’s view into your roots in Punjab.

My grandfather came from a village, not too far from Ludhiana. Even though I wasn’t born in Punjab, I feel that my roots are truly Punjabi and many of the traits that I have today are deeply rooted from the traditions and lifestyle of a true Punjabi. Everything in my household revolves around food, fun and family; the three things that I’ve seen in every Punjabi household, anywhere in the world!

I’ve been born and brought up in the United Kingdom, but I visit Punjab almost once a year and try to keep myself connected to my Punjabi group of friends in the UK, in India and globally.

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