‘Teamwork is Crucial’

Helping people and seeing a shine in their eyes gives him comfort. Dr Harmeek Singh Chugh, Founder & Owner, Plan b Group, Dubai, United Arab Emirates has experienced highs and lows throughout his journey but made sure to overcome his obstacles with hard work and his belief in himself. In conversation with Urban Melange, he talks about his journey and how his team is like his family to him

You are known for your innovative ideas and your collaborations. Tell us about your approach towards your entrepreneurial journey?

Innovation and change go hand in hand because time never stands still, and I firmly believe that if you blindly follow the herd, you will never come close to becoming a success story. Instead, you must consider your own options, and I think that anything that has been created with a fresh perspective by identifying market gaps will be beneficial. Looking at innovation, it may involve ideas, strategies, or even technology, but innovation will always be a breakthrough, and as an entrepreneur, I particularly dislike additions because I am a multiplier, which necessitates thinking outside the box, which is what innovation does. At the moment, collaboration is a major aspect of the world.

Since I first began giving keynote speeches seven years ago, I have lived by the collaborative ethos because I believe that competition is one of the things that destroys a business’s foundation as a whole. As an entrepreneur, I think collaboration is always beneficial for everyone, as long as there is no overlap, we can develop a viable business model. By creating a consortium, you can expand your options beyond your own teams and create a group that collaborates with you. Collaborations can work wonders and lead to a point where you can see the largest projects and visions of yours actually materializing.

Why did you shift to UAE? How has your journey been till now?

In 2003, I moved to the UAE. The reason was that I had pretty much become disillusioned with losing all of our family businesses back in India. I wanted to have a fresh start, away from the society where you are judged on your background and bank balance. It was something that was very impulsive or very spontaneous.

There were no arrangements for that, and the only thing I had planned was that I wouldn’t have to leave the UAE after I arrived. Because I started out with nothing and am now looking at something that we have managed to construct, my experience thus far has been rather fascinating. A crucial component has been learning. My current self was created through experience. Life is full of ups and downs and obstacles, but that is just how it is. The trip has been interesting but exciting because challenges make you a better person and more equipped. I have fallen down numerous times but have always got back up.

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