Teamwork helps in seamless experience of guests

A hotel runs smoothly only because of the impeccable teamwork of everyone involved. Sharad K. Upadhyay, General Manager, Hotel Crowne Plaza, Greater Noida, with his years of experience knows how to keep his team motivated and help them grow along with the hotel. In conversation with Nikita Agarwal he talks about his journey and what is the importance of teamwork in the hospitality industry.

When did you develop an interest in the hospitality industry and decided to pursue your career in the same? Tell us about your journey. 

My interest in the hospitality industry began when I was exploring my options around high school. During a dinner conversation with my maternal grandfather, I came across the subject of Hotel Management. Since he was a well travelled man, he was able to describe the hotels very vividly to me. I explored further and found that I aligned with the industry in many ways like being outgoing, love for travel, taking care of guests etc. I pursued my hotel management degree from IHM Mumbai and then went on to complete my General Management Program at Cornell University. I started working with IHG Group in 2002 and have worked with leading hospitality brands across different nations like Nepal, India, China and Thailand. My journey in the industry so far has been an exciting one, filled with wonderful experiences and challenges. 

With decades of experience, how do you think the hospitality industry in India has evolved over the past few years? 

The hospitality industry in India has seen significant growth over the past few years, and I have been fortunate enough to witness this evolution firsthand. The industry has become much more competitive, and customers have become more discerning in their preferences. As a result, hotels and restaurants are focusing more on providing personalized and memorable experiences to their guests. The use of technology has also become more prevalent, making it easier for guests to make reservations and access information about a hotel or restaurant. 

What has been your biggest challenge till now? 

My biggest challenge so far has been to keep myself updated with the knowledge and skills required to manage this highly dynamic and fast progressing industry. That is the reason I keep myself updated with regular PDP courses, mentoring and self help books.

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