Adding aesthetic to your smile

Adding aesthetic to your smile

He is a dental surgeon, a professional, a model and a lifestyle influencer. Dr. Sourav Kumar, Dental Surgeon, B.D.S and consultant implantologist and the owner of Kumar Dental Solutions and Implant Studio helps people in getting the perfect smile and getting healthier and stronger teeth.

Tell us about your journey as a Dental Surgeon. When did you first develop an interest in this field?

The day I started my dental school my interest started growing. In short, DENTISTRY was my PROFESSION earlier but now it has become my “PASSION”.

Talking about dental care, how has people’s perspective changed over the years?

Talking bout patient’s perspective bout Dental Care, it has been changed with time from getting tooth restoration done to getting root canal treatment of rotten tooth or dental implants with respect to missing tooth. From tooth cleaning or scaling to tooth bleaching to get more confident smile .

People these days are very keen on trying smile correction procedure. According to you, who should get that done? What are the pros and cons?

Patients who have unaesthetic smile or unconfident smile or patient who are public speakers, it benefits them in a positive way and their confidence grows. The negative is that it causes irreversible damage to tooth structure whether it is by enamel stripping or crown preparation for veneers or laminates.

What has been your biggest challenge till now?

Being a dentist and a busy professional and at the same time stepping into fashion & fitness industry has been a challenge.

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