He is a trendsetter and an innovator, he started with his brand Liqo, which is today North India’s biggest open box electronics brand. And now taking a step further he is all set to make his mark in the real estate industry with The Zirk. Satvir Goyal, Director The Zirk and Director, Liqo talks to Urban Melange about teamwork and how he believes in empowering his team.

You are into real estate, electrical cables and electronics, how different is it working in these three industries?

It is both same and different in many ways. Human element of managing teams and their aspirations is the same. Every business is about people, the major difference is when someone buys a house, it is one of the biggest purchase of their life and they are investing their life’s income, so, the trust that we have built in the region is our biggest success pillar.

While growing up, what was your dream and how has it evolved over the years?

Although I was born and brought up in a very small town of Punjab called Budhlada nevertheless, my dreams were big and I dreamt of doing something that would impact people’s life. Although I got a clearer picture of what exactly I wanted to do gradually. The value of hard work and honesty instilled in me by my parents has always been the guiding force. The tagline being Sky is the not the Limit

What is the most challenging part of being an entrepreneur in Punjab? Why?

Most challenging part of being a entrepreneur in Punjab is lack of coherent policies by the government and cost of doing business along with constant political activism, law and order and strikes etc. are a big challenge. Although Punjab government is doing good for new investment for the betterment of Punjab and its people.

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