‘Sustainability is the future’

A brand that focuses on innovative designs and also makes an effort to being sustainable, Pramod Group has always put a conscious effort in taking care of the environment. Ritu Gupta, Co-founder & Interior Designer, Pramod Group tells us about her journey as an entrepreneur and how Pramod Group is different from other brands in the industry.

Tell us about yourselves, how has your journey as an entrepreneur, interior designer, been till now?

These are two different worlds: As an entrepreneur, maintaining a healthy and result oriented culture of the organization. As an Interior Designer, to understand the audience and give them luxury & comfort with style.

What is Pramod Group all about? How is it different from other brands in the industry?

Over the past 38 years, Pramod Group has established itself as a trusted luxury interior and architectural firm offering bespoke turn-key solutions. From designing and building to interior decoration and finishing touches – our end-to-end services span everything in between. Thoughtful space planning, excellent architecture, refined aesthetics coupled with Vastu- compliant, sustainable interiors – these are the hallmark of the richly crafted residential projects that differentiate us from the rest in the industry.