Making diamonds, everyone’s best friend

Jagan Jewellers

With uniqueness in their designs, passion in their hearts, and honesty towards the business, Jagan Jewellers have been acing the game of gems since 2007. Although Marilyn Monroe said, “diamonds are a woman’s best friend”, Bhawna Singla and her husband, Gopal Singla together have proved it with their enchanting heart winning designs! Here is what we have from the exclusive interview of the leading jewellers of Chandigarh.

What inspired you to be in the jewelry industry?

My husband’s father, Mr. Jagan Nath Singla came to Chandigarh in 1962 and started his hardware mill store, with the name BK Jagan & Co. along with his brothers. The business flourished and was later split to expand it further. Post completion of 10th grade, my husband was curious to get into his family business, so he did and soon after, he studied gemology in 2006. With an undying passion for diamonds and the curiosity to understand the details and intricacies of it, he started Jagan Jewellers in 2007.

What was your vision behind starting JAGAN JEWELLERS?

I believe there were several misconceptions and myths in the air around jewelry and especially diamonds. The whole team at Jagan Jewelers is focused on clearing any misconceptions the customer might have and dealing with utmost honesty. Our aim is to educate and guide our customers with our best knowledge and efforts.

We strongly believe in breaking the monotony of designs, our goal is to present our customers with something creative, out of the box, and tailored to suit the unique taste of every customer.