‘Surgery is a fine art’

What inspired you to become a surgeon? Tell us about your journey.

I always wanted to be a surgeon, ever since my final year duty in surgery at GMC Amritsar, I was fascinated towards this branch since it’s exciting and full of challenges though more demanding and riskier as compared to medicine branches but at least you get an instant result and instant satisfaction.

After doing MBBS in GMC Amritsar, I cleared my PG entrance test with distinction and chose general surgery as my subject. After passing I did senior residency at GND hospital and later started my own set up by name of Preet hospital in Amritsar. Although initially it was purely a surgical center but now it’s a multispecialty hospital with all the state of art facilities

As a surgeon, what are some of the challenges that you face on a daily basis?

Surgery is a challenging branch, there is no scope of error, one wrong stich and patient’s life is at risk. As a surgeon we are bound to give hundred percent but it’s a tough branch, complications do happen but unfortunately public these days don’t accept these known complications.

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