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“Everything big today, somewhere had a small start and every top expert was once a beginner”.

Entrepreneurship is about embracing ambiguity and accepting new challenges. There are no magical shortcut keys in life that can transform you to become successful overnight.

Intelligence, resilience and a risk taking appetite are critical to success.

Hailing from a middle-class family and a humble beginning had its own advantages in shaping my career path. When you are not brought up with the luxury of comforts, but you get exposed to vagaries of climate-these struggles bring out the creative genius within you. These extreme uncertainties, when you come across and you tide over them with your strength and conviction, you owe it to your life that you have experienced in the past.

After completing my studies in India and abroad, I started my carrier from scratch, studied and researched the industry well. Somewhere I took the advantage of being the first and fast mover in my actions. I was very clear about the fact that in this fast paced life there is no room for standing still. Either you are too fast to grab the opportunities or you are left behind in the race. With God’s grace I was able to accomplish a lot of my dreams. Although being a surgeon is no doubt my top priority but in private practice settings, I realized the need to be an entrepreneur for survival and to have a vision to recognize areas that need constant upgradation and improvement. To maintain the supremacy, you have to be the Jack and Master of multiple trades at the same time.

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