“Backyard Ideas That’ll Transform Your Space into Paradise.”

By  Hardesh & Monica Chawla – Founders & Interior Designers, Essentia Environments

Having been forced to stay indoors for the past two years, we all have missed the great outdoors a lot. But, by designing your outdoor spaces – be it your backyard garden, terrace or patio – beautifully for spending some quality time with your family and friends, you could escape into a charming world of your own.

Here are a few ideas that will transform your garden or terrace into a natural retreat.

Use natural materials

The first step to designing any outdoor space is to make it look as close to nature as possible by using natural materials. Earthy natural stones or tiles for the flooring and wall cladding, landscaping done using rocks, pebbles, and lots of greenery of various kinds bring an organic vibe. Go for furniture made of wood or cane. Keep the base colour muted for the greenery to take over. Add colours through flowers, planters, cushions and accessories.

Create comfortable seating

The whole idea of the outdoor living is to enjoy the space in the company of your friends and family. So, introduce comfortable outdoor furniture, either made of natural cane or all-weather material that is available in very stylish designs. Seating of all kinds including sofas, loungers or even four-poster beds can be used. Add lots of throw cushions for an intimate feeling. You could also create some cozy corners for when you want some alone time to sit with a book or for stargazing.

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