Success is not a one-time phenomenon

For a family which has been in the furniture business for more than 5 decades, Beyant Sagoo has made his own mark in the Tricity for being the best furniture customization expert available.

Initially, the business was being operated by his father and late grandfather in Ferozepur, Punjab. Bryant Sagoo decided to move out from there and take his family business to another level. Based in Sector 66-B, Mohali, ‘Sagoo Woods’ aims at providing its customers with the best Furniture Customisation Service as well as Readymade furniture. In a very short span of time, Sagoo Woods has received immense response from its customers, and it aims to keep providing its customers with the best! Talking about his journey, he says, “We have been in the furniture business since 1965. It was started by my grandfather, Late Sardar Bahal Singh Ji. We earlier operated in Ferozepur, Punjab, and now we are established as Sagoo Woods in the heart of the Tricity i.e., Mohali. We are Tricity’s best furniture customization experts as well as readymade furniture dealers. We have got immense support and great response from people all over the Tricity as well as PAN Punjab.

He likes to be consistent when it comes to being successful, explaining what success means to him, he says, “success is what is achieved with every year, every month, every week, every day, every hour and every minute. By this, I want to underline that success for me is to be consistently successful. It is not a one-time phenomenon.

I feel fortunate enough to be receiving so much affection and love from my customers at this age. We as a team are very considerate in providing 100% genuine products with a lifetime warranty!”

One should stay calm while facing challenges in both professional as well as personal lives, and someone rightly said, with great work comes numerous challenges. “I am a very calm and composed person. If any day I face a challenge, I think about it calmly and never rush into a decision. Since we are committed to providing the finest furniture to our customers, any challenge be it small or big, cannot distract us from our commitment,” adds Beyant.

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