‘I get inspiration from everybody I meet’

Thriving through the ladder of success, working hard, and growing to achieve his goals, Himanshu Passi, Director, Spoke Heights is someone who is not afraid of failures and has had a journey worth inspiring. Here is his conversation with us where he talks about his journey, his achievements, and more.

Thriving to be a businessman from a very young age, Himanshu Passi, Director, Spoke Heights worked hard to be successful. Talking about his journey he says, “keeping my passion alive, I started working under my father’s company only when I was 20 years old. I have always had a very curious mind, thus I started learning the operations at our firm while still pursuing my bachelor’s at PCTE, Ludhiana. Later, I went for a short course to the London School of Economics, to undergo a course in Marketing, Social awareness, and Alternative Investments. This experience really helped me grow. The next big step for me was the commercial projects – Apple’s Height (Zirakpur) and The Charging Bull.”
Apple’s Height is a commercial project in the heart of Zirakpur which caters to the requirements of over 50,000 families in terms of daily needs. It is a 4,59,000 sq. ft. Architecture Marvel with about 250 showrooms situated within. On the other hand, The Charging Bull is a modern co-working space that is one of a kind in Punjab, and it caters over 100 people at one time. “We have 20 cabins, along with four common working areas. In addition, we have separate meeting rooms and conference rooms with high-class facilities, like projector screens, etc. To make our customers more comfortable, we also have a big common space for them to unwind, and a pantry that is open to all. I am totally looking after the operations at our firm, Parasmani Group and I intend to grow our company in the coming future,” adds Passi.

He defines success by a famous quote of Sir Benjamin Franklin. “Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning”. Thus, success for him is achieving something that he has been working hard for. When asked about what motivates him, he says, “any kind of failure is not the opposite of success, but it’s a part of success. So, my motto is to simply keep a positive attitude, and positive thinking, to keep progressing and growing.

Maintaining a healthy balance between his work and personal life he tries to manage his time evenly. “I have to travel a lot between Ludhiana and Zirakpur so that I can manage all my projects efficiently. I am based in Ludhiana, but I travel to Zirakpur almost every other day.

Also, I am a fitness enthusiast. So, I like to take out about 2 hours of my day for myself, to work out and unwind. In addition, I love to spend time with my family and friends, and I do not compromise on that,” says Passi.

We asked him what he would do differently in life if given a chance. “Even though I am grateful for everything I have, but if given a chance, I would’ve liked to pursue my bachelors from an IVY League in the US because I love the education system there, and they offer extraordinary courses that can change a person’s life,” he says.

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